Wealth of India Press Release

Press Release

Wealth Of India brings together National Treasure Gracy Singh & Spiritual Guide Tom Burton to share India’s Ancient Secret’s of Attracting Success into your life. 

BK Tom has dedicated his life to the study of Indian spiritual values & believes anyone has the potential to achieve their dreams if they know how to Attract it.  Tom from London says India has been in his heart since he was a very small child growing up in the UK. His Dream has always been for every single person in India to be given the chance to receive prosperity & happiness that they deserve. 

Gracy Singh shares her vast experience of global success as an Actress & the secrets of spiritual stardom with love & supporting others.  Her world renowned dance troupe has choreographed happiness & deep meaning for millions of lives. 

The first in a series of many “8 Powers of Success” filmed in Mumbai is delivered with a charming & fascinating conversation discussing aspects of the secret powers of Ancient Indian Culture & value system. 

Gracy Singh Wealth of India
Gracy Singh
Gracy Singh

The first in a series of many “8 Powers of Success” filmed in Mumbai

Series 2 TV Schedule UK




7:00am Sat 6th June  Episode 1 Repeated 7:00am Thurs 11th June

7:00am Sun 7th June Episode 2 Repeated 7:00am Friday 12th June

7:00am Sat 13th June Episode 3 Repeated 7:00am Thurs 18th June

7:00am Sun 14th June Episode 4 Repeated 7:00am Friday 19th June

7:00am Sat 20th June Episode 5 Repeated 7:00am Thurs 25th June

7:00am Sun 21st June Episode 6 Repeated 7:00am Friday 26th June

7:00am Sat 27th June Episode 7 Repeated 7:00am Thurs 2nd July

7:00am Sun 28th June Episode 8 Repeated 7:00am Friday 3rd July